by Emily Mee and Louis Klause

The Problem

Have you ever pulled out your phone in an idle moment…
…only to find yourself sitting there hours later after scrolling through who knows what.
The concept for Break began with a simple idea: everyone wants to take a break and sit on their phone sometimes. But when apps are designed to entice you to keep scrolling, it's easy to find yourself in a situation like the above. The goal of Break is to help you relax, laugh, and take a break, but in a more mindful way.

Another Problem

Listen...I could rant about this for a while but I'll keep it brief. Most, if not all, of the popular social media apps exist because they make a LOT of money from your data. Then they sell your data to almost anyone who wants it, so that they can try to make you buy a pair of novelty socks, or influence what candidate you vote for. Overall, not a great thing to be spending hours a day scrolling on!

The Solution to all your Problems? 

Spoiler: Probably not. But we think it's pretty cool nonetheless!
Break is a simple, intuitive content feed app, currently using the Reddit API to provide users with content relevant to their interests.

Here's how it works:

1) Set a time limit
2. Choose an intention: Learning, Laughing, Being Mindful
3. Select interests, or stick with your saved interests.
4. Take a Break!